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Climate Change & Dodging the Irreversible Tipping Point

Climate scientists believe we have just two decades to reverse the buildup of carbon in the atmosphere before we reach a point of no return with unknown consequences. Jonathan Budd tells why this sobering knowledge moved him to devote his business, sales and social media expertise to take action.

Riches to Responsibility

Jonathan built his first business as a coach, trainer, teacher and consultant to business owners, surpassing $20 million in revenue in under five years, but then started asking what he could do to have a bigger impact. He sold his Tesla and all his assets to invest in Powur, a company that’s topped $2.65 million.

The Age of the Platform: Disrupt and Decentralize

Powur started out in partnership with one of the biggest name brands in the solar industry, but changed to work with multiple entities offering solar technology. Jonathan discusses how the crowdsourcing platform model that made Uber and AirBnB can be applied in other industries.

When Bigger is Not Better

Ironically, the bigger you get in solar, the less competitive you become, Jonathan says. He explains how this revelation gave him the idea to crowdsource the providers for fulfillment of solar.

Solar in the Age of Trump

Despite promises to “bring back coal” in the era of Trump, solar is here to stay thanks to Moore’s Law, which holds that technology continually grows more efficient (as compared to commodities that are inherently limited.) Jonathan explains what it takes to make solar the energy source of choice for the masses.

Social Crowdsourcing for Solar

Powur is building a network of advisors who will act as a concierge service, connecting residential consumers with the best solar technologies and installers. Jonathan discusses the platform and distributor network he’s building to promote solar, save homeowners money and create wealth in the gig economy.

Igniting Solar Education

Powur’s advisors educate their friends, families, neighbors, coworkers and communities on a life-changing “secret” – we can power our homes by sunshine today cheaper than we can by fossil fuels in most of the country. Jonathan shares why solar can help rebuild the American economy while freeing homeowners from the costs and constraints of polluting utilities.

Technology & Team Leadership

Jonathan shares lessons he has learned as a leader in using the Internet and direct sales to help others succeed as entrepreneurs.

Finding the Solar Provider That’s Right for You

Powur’s proprietary algorithm analyzes solar providers against public customer reviews and combines that data with each provider’s total installs, workmanship warranties, and more to offer customers the best value. Jonathan shares what to look for in residential solar.

Scaling to Exponential Growth

While costs of solar technologies continue to fall, the biggest pain point for the industry remains customer acquisition. Jonathan explains how education can move demand in the market to “cross the chasm” to make solar the most cost-effective energy solution.

Lies Your Power Company Tells You

Some huge utilities have dipped their toes in solar in order to appear green while continuing to rely heavily on dirty coal and expensive and risky nuclear technology. They want you to believe solar is only for rich tree huggers. Jonathan tells why this is “a fabrication.”

New Year’s Resolution for Planet Earth: Lose Billions of Tons of Ugly Coal Pollution

After steep declines in 2015, coal was rebounding as an energy source in the winter of 2016. Jonathan tells why giant utilities continue to fight the switch to clean renewable energy, and how consumers can take matters into their own hands.

Business for Good, Passion and Purpose

Powur is the first ever platform designed to tap into the 19 million Americans working in direct sales and others seeking economic freedom to expand solar energy. Jonathan explains why his fellow millennials embrace a new economic model that allows them to earn income and build a flexible lifestyle “aligned with their values that is fundamentally impacting the world.”

Crony Capitalism & Politicians Being Phony

In Florida, utilities dumped $20 million into trying to get voters to pass an amendment that would have gutted the solar industry, but the voters didn’t buy it. Jonathan reveals the forces behind why giant utilities want to limit renewable energy and control the energy supply – and shares how advances in energy storage technology will soon allow more consumers to “defect from the grid.”

Hard Knocks & the Making of an Activist Entrepreneur

Jonathan survived a very rough upbringing growing up near Hartford, Conn., and “for a long time it looked like my life would be spent in jail.” He tells about the “miraculous change of course” that set him on course to become an entrepreneur, launch his passion to build companies that make a global impact, and “heal the relationship between human beings and our ecology.”
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